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Radio Mecca is a Christchurch based three-piece band covering Classic and Modern Rock songs. The trio, who are well known and well respected in the local music scene, are available for all events such as 21st parties, 50th parties, work events, weddings, private events, pub evenings, and much more!

Vocalist and guitarist, Tim “Tombstone” Hunt, is a natural born rock musician with over 16 years musical experience. While Tim has an intrinsic talent for most instruments, his focus has been on mastering and refining his Guitar and Vocal works, along with completing his diplomas in Contemporary and Performance Music. Throughout his musical career, Tim has been a part of many other original and covers rock bands, most of which are still currently active. The most well known of these is the original band ‘Stonehurst’, of which Ben is also a vital part.

Beat-Master, Ben McGillivray, has an impressive 14 years experience playing drums. Nine of which have been alongside Tim in their band ‘Stonehurst’, and he has previously played drums for covers band ‘The Vinyls’. In 2010, Ben completed his Diploma in Performance Music, Level 5, at Vision College. It was there that he mastered the art of adapting his playing style to groove along to all genres of music, and has since then been refining his art even further.

Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Chris “The Bass Wizard” Kerr has over a decade’s experience in thumping out rock and roll bass lines, and has an innate ability to lock in perfectly with Ben’s drumming. Chris has played in local acts ‘I Am You’, ‘Superdope’, and ‘Machine Elve’, and has been honing his already impressive bass and performance skills as an integral part of this rock trio.

Radio Mecca have the ability to diversify their set list to cater to all age groups and events, and boast very reasonable pricing which can be negotiated based on set length and event size. If you’re looking for a rock covers band comprised of pure raw talent, who reliably deliver an energetic and captivating performance, playing songs you know, then be in contact with Angie at Third Eye Music Management to enquire about bookings!

PH 027718896